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About Eureka

Our Mission

The mission of Eureka Vapor is to provide the cleanest, safest, 100% natural oil cartridges in the industry. Using their refined extraction processes and a mom-and-pop-shop love of their craft, Eureka Vapor values transparency and honesty above all else. With the continuous goal of improving, testing, and refining their product, Eureka strives to deliver the best oil experience that is safe, intimate, and excellent with every user.


Six years ago, California-based Eureka Vapor’s core team was poised to partner with another major cannabis company, but when that company started to abandon high product standards, they knew it was time to cut ties and start their own venture rather than be complicit in providing anything less than top quality. Thus, Eureka Vapor was born, overcoming the odds to be a pioneer in the fledgling vapor market long before it gained the popularity it has today. Today, Eureka Vapor works with three major distribution companies and stands tall as a leader in the vape industry, while staying small and honoring its commitment to delivering quality over quantity.


Eureka Vapor uses CO2 extraction to most effectively extract beneficial properties from their cannabis plants. This process is special because it doesn’t leave extraction materials behind, while other filtration processes like alcohol or butane (or even formaldehyde) leave traces of those chemicals in the oil. With CO2, what you extract is what you get and there’s no need to worry about anything in your oil except the purest materials. With a specialized process that has only developed and improved over time, it’s no wonder Eureka’s test results in 18 ppm ethanol traces (almost twice as low as traces in butane)


Eureka Vapor specializes in the highest grade Sativa, Indica and Hybrid cartridges with 100% natural, additive free and CO2 extracted oil. Their vapes are compatible with 510 thread batteries, and cartridges are available in a wide selection of strains, including High Times award winners Maui Waui, Sour OG, and customer favorite Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

Eureka’s most popular strain, this Indica sparkles with a sweet spicy aroma, with citrus and pine flavors that are smooth as butter. Extracted to its purest form, the Northern Lights infuses with a euphoria that pleases the mind and eases the body unlike any other. There’s a reason that this potent award-winner is a favorite of Eureka’s clientele.

Lab Testing

All Eureka Vapor Products are certified lab tested. Each batch is tested for potency, cannabinoid profiles, pesticides, heavy metals, terpene analytics and residual solvents.


Working with great distribution companies Eureka services patients throughout the states of California and Colorado.